Overview: What’s Known About The Power of Glutathione

Overview: What’s Known About The Power of Glutathione

kale is a source of glutathione
With all the studies done by researchers, we are now able to know that:
  • GSH supplies unprecedented immunity-supporting and life-enhancing abilities within each and every cell of the body.
  • GSH is one of the most essential and most concentrated intracellular antioxidants.
  • GSH is important for the delivery of life-sustaining energy throughout each cell and operates as the major defense for the mitochondria (the cellular energy plants).
  • GSH is the most potent intracellular detoxifier.
  • GSH is needed for enzyme regulation and activation, amino acid transport, and protein synthesis – which include the synthesis of DNA and RNA.
  • GSH is the main antioxidant “recharger” in the cell as it recharges vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, and other antioxidants.

GSH levels are incredibly linked to life and health that GSH levels are routinely utilized to observe the health status of people with life-threatening immune diseases like HIV/AIDS and in deducing lung health.

GSH: the Vital Longevity Molecule

GSH is intrinsically tied to the life of every cell, so linked that depleted GSH levels ALWAYS precede cell death; therefore meaning cells with adequate supplies of GSH do not die. Researchers also observe that GSH levels drop in all bodily tissues as the body ages, without exception.

The opposite holds truth as well. By simply boosting GSH levels, scientists have utilized GSH to extend animal lifespans greatly, from the smallest insects to mammals. The longevity increase is due eminently to the leading role GSH plays in the delivery of intracellular energy. In addition, GSH also provides crucial support to each cell’s nucleus, mitochondria, DNA and membranes to keep cells functioning at its best.