Travel Packing Tips
travel packing tips

Try to imagine this: you’ve been in a cross-Atlantic flight for 15 minutes now and the person sitting on your left keeps on sniffling and coughing! If you haven’t been traveling with a face mask and a bottle of Lysol, chances are, you’ll be spending the holidays with a box of tissues on your bedside table.

This is precisely what happened to me on my flight to Ireland last September! The good news is, I’m a frequent traveler. I already knew how to prepare for a sniffling, coughing seatmate. Instead of packing my suitcase with Kleenex, I filled my carry-on with packets of LypriCel Vitamin C.

LypriCel C was a product my husband and I developed. It emulates the benefits of an IV. LypriCel Vitamin C, unlike vitamin C pills and powders that are basically flushed out of your system, hinges on “liposomal” technology – ensuring that the vitamin C is incorporated into the bloodstream and absorbed into the cells that need it the most. Every small packet contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. Personally, I start my morning with one or two packets. Long into the day, when I’m still trying to catch up on work, but feel like resting already, a couple more packets keep me going and leave me feeling great!

Whether you’re going on a trip or simply don’t want to get behind on deadlines, try our LypriCel Vitamin C today.